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Peter Le in “Lunch Time”

Piece of Meat
Piece of Meat

Last night was fucking amazing. I had the most mind-blowing sex ever with Evan, a guy I met at the club last night. We sweated up a storm. Then I woke up starving; I realized I slept through breakfast and it was already lunch time.

I made a sandwich; but my hunger was getting to me so I pulled out some cheese and a tomato and they were so good. While eating, I was thinking about swallowing Evan’s meat last night. I got turned on I started feeling myself up like the way his hands moved over my body.

Meet me for lunch in my new video “Lunch Time,” but don’t come too early. 

Spit on It
Spit on It

Let’s Do Lunch – Join Now

Written by PeterFever


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  1. I love Peter Le. He reminds me of a boss I had years ago. Nice Man. We still keep in touch. I joined Peter Le because Asian guys ROCK. Keep up the good work Peter. Love receiving your blogs.

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