What Should I be for Halloween?

In two weeks it’s going to be Halloween! Two years ago, I was Street Fighter’s Ryu and it was awesome. I don’t have my costume picked out yet this year so I want to see what ideas you guys have. Should I be something sexy or something scary? Let me know what you think I should be this year by leaving a comment here, on Facebook, Twitter or wherever. 

Street Fighter's Ryu
Street Fighter’s Ryu

Written by PeterFever


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  1. I say you should go with something scary. Best would be something like the wolf-costume they had in Dracula with Gary Oldman where the chest and abs are exposed and the rest is hairy.
    A frankenstein like costume with big boots would also be great.
    Or maybe a character like in Final Fantasy, either Cloud, Zack or Vincent, who have giant swords and big guns.

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