Halloween Group Costumes

I can’t believe the year is almost over. I felt that I barely had time to prepare my Halloween costume. I always wanted to dress up in theme with a group of friends, but our coordination is always off. Going back to my past Halloween customs, I dressed up as Ryu from Street Fighter, a Vampire, a cop, and an army guy. I don’t like to be shirtless during Halloween, it’s usually cold. What are you guys going to be, maybe I can get some ideas from you.

Street Fighter's Ryu
Street Fighter’s Ryu

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Last year we did a Batman group theme. I was Nightwing and wore a skin tight suit. Practical, but Still for me compliments lol. Maybe try something that involves skin tight outfit? Like any of the original X-Men (week, except for Gambit lol)

  2. Maybe you could borrow TOPHER DIMAGGIO’s Superman costume from the Men.com video? You’d make a sexy Asian Superhero. You already have the ‘Man of Steel’ part down pat.

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