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No, WorldTopInsider, All Asian Men Don’t Look Alike!

In doing research for this blog, we looked up the hottest men in the world of Asian male models and were presented with a laughable error. Either WorldTopInsider is hailariously inept or they must be among those prehistoric bigots that can’t tell one Asian man from another.

They did get many of their entries correct, including these hotties:

Hao Yun Xiang of China
Fillipino Paolo Roldan
Satoshi Toda of Japan

But when it came to gorgeous androgynous David Chiang, one of Lagerfeld’s favorite Asian male models, they got the bio correct:

David Chiang was born on December 22nd, 1988 in Taiwan but grew up eleven years in Vancouver, Canada after staying in Taiwan. By age seventeen, he was discovered, but he decided to go to school until he was 21 years old in 2009.

The encouragement he got from those around him was part of his decision to stay in class.

His mother told him that the life of a model is difficult and that he should be careful if he decides to take that path. Finally, after his education, David went on a model journey and, since his debut at the fall Alexander McQueen Show in Millan in 2010, he has had tremendous success so far.

But even in this capsule bio, the link to DavidChiang goes to the wikipedia bio of another celebrity named David Chiang, a martial arts director of that same name who was born in, get this, 1947! And THIS was the picture of THAT David Chiang that found its way into this gallery of droolworthy model boys:

WOW! For the record, THIS is the actual model photo of David Chiang, the stunning Chinese/Canadian born in 1988. Honest mistake? Do they look that identical, WorldTop Insider?

THE REAL David Chiang

It’s a silly error, but in a rundown of beautiful Asian males, should the proofreading and copy editing be this slipshod? All Asian males DON’T look alike, and you have sure proved that, WorldTopInsider…

And we’re not done yet! Check out this indecipherable introduction to their article. Would you consider Asian models “peculiar”? How about that “very deep blackface”?

List Of Top 10 Asian Male Models 2020, Male models are not usually as popular as their female counterparts, but their faces are still known worldwide–whether it’s on a magazine cover or in new fragrance ads.

Over the years, major brands including Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have launched countless careers, bringing into the spotlight the likes of Tyson Beckford and Lucky Blue Smith.

The Asian man has a peculiar feature as he possesses well-sculpted bodies, with natural body color and a very deep, blackface that are rarely seen in non-Asian people around the world. Even some Hollywood stars love these well-respected, famous Asian men.

Our racial awareness and consciousness-raising work is not done, apparently…

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