Stupid Trainers at the Gym

LAFitnessThis morning I was training at LA Fitness in Hollywood Hills and I noticed there were few things wrong with its layout, but many with the people who work in the facility.

First, it’s great that there is a gym with this kind of square footage in LA, but you guys must already know that I drink a lot of water and because of it I urinate as much as I drink. When I started my training, I realized that there were no restrooms on the second floor, so I had to walk across the gym to reach the stairs and walk across to the corner of the gym. What a waste of training time, I was basically cooling off my muscle; bad for training heavy.

Second, the skill level of the trainers was close to zero. It was sad; it was like watching the blind leading the blind. The trainer didn’t know the purpose of the exercise and the clients didn’t have the balls to question the trainer. One trainer had his 60 year old female client balance with one leg on a half ball doing alternating dumbbell shoulder press. I felt like saying something, but as a personal trainer myself it’s not something we do to each other in front of the client.

In my final words, it’s great place to meet and network with others, but beware of hiring a trainer.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. a client will not always ask a trainer all the needed info, this case it was the blind leading the blind. The trainer MUST be properly educated on appropriate work-out methods for each level of skill, ability and fitness. If the client felt they knew everything well enough -- they would not hire a trainer,…so you can see from the very action of paying for a trainer there is an assumption of a lack of knowledge on the clients part,..but it sounds like the trainers you saw had some knowledge -- which can equal a very dangerous situation for the client,…I am afraid if u where at my gym, just find a good viewing spot and watch u squat away! hehehehe -- BUNZ of Steel!

  2. Peter,
    You showed class by NOT showing up those “trainers”.A Majority of them do not know their Ass from their elbow. Eevn at the Y where I train, I have my doubts, but keep my lips zipped.It is the client’s responsibility to ask pertinent questions BEFORE they plunk down thier $$$.Peter, there ARE better places, you just have to network more..Best wishes..Peter

  3. Peter.. sixty isn’t about being feeble or not caring about your image. When you’re sixty.. you’ll still be trim and handsome.. and look like you’re forty. 😉

    • Jake,
      Just remember SOMEDAY you all will reach 60(LOL). I’ve got 40 yrs on Peter Le, but my main mission is to grow old (gracefully) and with optimal health, skip the getting sick part, you.? I have 6 older brothers: 1 dead from heart failure, 3 are on walkers, 1 has a new kidney, the last one has bad knees.LIke I told my son: I want to stay vibrantly healthy for as long as I can, then one day -- go to bed and wake up dead…..Peter’s E-books help me stay focused on my health, I intermix his info with P90X (which I thought was going to kill me in the beginning). If you stop oggling Peter’s body for a minute and order his books, you might learn something that will help YOu in staying fit, as you grow older keep an open mind:THAT by itself will help keep you young/vibrant. We would all do well to frequent health centers. Peter Le identified a very big [problem: People impersonating personal trainers.] The REAL problem is: gullible people are not asking the right questions. PT BArnum edict: a sucker born every minute.NOTE to Peter Le:…LA WAS -IS-and ALWAYS WILL be the plastic people caital of the world…I wish him the very best of everything.Peter Wormer

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