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When I’m out at social gathering or when the the subject comes up about my life, I tell people that I’m living a minimalist lifestyle. Most people’s reactions are either “interesting” or “I think you are full of shit because you live in California.”

I always thought to myself if I had all the money in the world, what would I do with it? Typically, people would say buy a mansion, give money to charity, friends, family and buy all the toys in the world. At a young age that was my response, but now I understand that buying everything would not make me feel any better. The more you own; the more it owns you.

The real question is after you buy everything, then what? That question stuck with me for a long time and it got me to realize that it is the little things in life that make me happy. The expensive things I bought had no meaning and brought me no memories. It is like buying an overpriced car for the first time; you love the car for the first two months then it becomes just a thing that takes you from point A to point B.

I want to be free. I want to feel that I can pack up my bag and catch a flight to anywhere in the world. I use to clutter my house with things. But after I donated most of my belongings, I felt more relaxed and more comfortable with myself. I now have a hiking bag full of clothes, a red table, two chairs, a blow up mattress and a sleeping bag (and a laptop to write all of you). This is what I call Living the Good Life. I know MTV Cribs won’t be knocking on my door anytime soon, but that is ok. 🙂

Right now, Life is Great!

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Great stuff you wrote here, but a lifestyle like this is not suitable for everyone. I myself couldn’t live without my desktop PC, because I produce electronic music. With this also comes large monitor speakers, turntables etc. etc. Without these things I can’t express myself, and that doesn’t make me free but makes me a prisoner of my creative thoughts. Anyway I found this post very expiring and I thank you for it!

  2. Hey Peter. I just came across your blog. I commend you on realizing what’s important to you in your life and deciding to go live it out. I recently came across some of the same realizations. How long do you think you will continue with the minimalist lifestyle?

  3. so is the inflatable mattress good for the posture. i used one of those once when i visited relatives and it was awful. also lets say you meet someone and you bring them back to your place, is that sturdy enough to have sex on. not for it wouldnt!!!!

  4. Peter Le,
    You said it all. NOW, to put it all in the right perspective google:www.the last lecture….by Prof Dr. Randy Pausch…..Take his words and reflect on your own life Peter : How would YOU live your life if you only had 6 mos to live.?.RP (with his pancreatic cancer) lived 9 mos -3 mos longer than his learned MD’s gave him, but I took his words as directed to me PERSONNALLY, to huge influence on me to this day. Try it…..remember: WISE IS THE PERSON WHO CAN LERN FROM OTHER PEOPLE’s EXPERIENCES….I changed mistakes into experiences…..If all the lecture does is make you pause and ask YOURSELF:..Where am I going..?.then it will have done its “job”…The best karma to U…Peter

  5. Peter, u are very true. For your info, I am living in a rented room. Except for the clothings which I have, I do not own anything.

    Yes, earthly possession is nothing. Just look at the clastrophy around the world. Floods, heat wave, volcano explosion, sickness, etc, they can strike anytime and destroy anything. However, can these destroy our memory and knowledge that is in our mind?

    Why should we cling to these “such possessions” and waste our energy to them. We should learn to live life and be easy with it. We should enjoy what we have in ourself and not in the external world. That is Happiness, something which nothing can destroy.

    You are on the correct platform to happiness, my dearest Peter!!!!

  6. Your body and mind are the most meaningful gifts that God gave you. So being actually yourself means you use the gifts in the right and clever way. Keep up, My Asian lovely hunks 😀

  7. what an inspiration Peter. Thanks for being YOU! 🙂 It is similar to me; growing up, and even now, I always see people around me have everything in life and they are SO proud of themselves. All i can do is feel jealous. Now, i dont care much now cause I do live in a “making ends meet” lifestyle but I can’t dwell on it forever. Gotta move on and be happy for what I have, and your blog is INSPIRING. Thanks Peter!! Keep up the good work!!

  8. “A rich man is not one who has the most but is the one who needs the least.”

    You have the right attitude towards life and its related complexities. A person’s happiness lies in not what he owns but how little he complains.

    I only wish I can have that kind of life you have. Soon… very soon!!

  9. I think you have the right idea. I have pretty much de-solved all my “things” ( 150 shirts) moved in to a small house reduced all those possessions, keep the Jag, I still love it!. Additionally I have a friend who has a very successful business, assets, employees, etc. about two years ago he disposed of all his things, placed his truck in storage and travels with two back packs, one for cloths and the 2nd for his lap top and electronics, he works pretty much every week and the rest of his time he follows the big waves and surfs. He ships his boards and returns to his business address once a year, he loves his life, I encourage your freedom.

  10. The same thing has been on my mind the last two weeks from the mansion I spent 4th of July in to the talk our manager gave that I already knew that a rich person could come dressed in any apparel and now this deep blog 🙂 I agree with you Peter. No other way to reword it.

  11. i agree. being chained down by worldly possessions but not being able to embark on worldly adventures? that’s crazy talk.

    i just have a fanatic obsession with shoes, costumes, and lingerie…

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