JO – I Finally Exploded!

I love to make bets, but I’m not a serious gambler. I have come to realize that if bets are small, people do pay up. But if the bet is a large amount then friendships are broken when “your friend” doesn’t want to pay. So last Sunday I made a friendly bet with my buddy to see how long we could go without jerking off. The loser pays for drinks when we party on Friday.

You need to understand, this is very hard for me because I love sex. As you know, I love to be nude on camera and always want to be the center of attention. I’m a Scorpio and it’s an aggressive sex symbol. When I met new people for the first time and mention that I’m a Scorpio, they immediately think I’m in the mood for sex. Sometimes they are right! I heard from a few people that this is a huge turn on. Luck me 🙂

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The first few days were easy; I kept myself occupied with work and reading books, but then it was Thursday. I went to the gym like normal, but today was different. Everything and everyone was turning me on. I felt like I was back in high school. Someone would bend over to pick up a weight and bang, a boner. Then I saw someone else on the treadmill, bam, another boner. I could not help it; just seeing all these hot bodies in the gym was driving me crazy. So I jumped in my car, got on the freeway and started driving home. But my cock was so hard and wanting attention. Good thing I live close by. I got home, ran into the shower and turned it on as cold as possible. Wow, I made it just in time, the bet is still on.

I got out of the shower and laid down on my air mattress with my laptop. Just then I got a call. “Oh no, not you. I can’t talk to you right now…Because you are so hot and…OH FUCK!”

And that was it, I lost my bet and my poor laptop was completely covered in cum. Now I know why they sell the iSkin ProTouch Mac keyboard protector. 🙂

iSkin ProTouch Mac Keyboard Protector
iSkin ProTouch Mac Keyboard Protector

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  1. Again, this story is made to
    get you guys all horned up.
    Seriously, what is up with all these
    “bets” ?? And honestly who would
    cum right on a MACBOOK ?!? Are you
    serious ?? You need to get better
    stories to get us horned up.
    (or you know, actually cum in a video)

    : )

  2. Well, you’re super hot, but who is the person who can make you cum? but I bet you’re hotter than him and maybe he cummed too after he called

  3. Peter, it is no good to control. Let it be natural. I agree that you should have a partner.

    I try to control last time but it affects my other senses and affect my work.

    If you feel like it, just jerk it off and release your build up stress.

    Peter, everyone of us like sex…not only jerking and I think oral is the best.

  4. I think you should find someone who can take care of your sexual desire =)). You cum it yourself, it won’t be good to your physical and mental health, especially if you do it everyday. So Peter, control your desire for your sake, my hunk :XXX

  5. lots of your fans want to watch a vid of you jerking off. Is this post one more way to prick-tease the imaginations of your PeterFever fans ?

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