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The true gift of giving is giving of one’s self. My talent is determining and helping others realize their full physical potential. I started building my physique at 13 years old because I wanted to look good at the swimming pool during the summer. After years of studying and perfecting my own weight training program, I became a certified personal trainer in 2004. More importantly, I teach people how to sculpt their bodies without using drugs. But I never thought that by giving my time and knowledge to others, I would get so much in return.

Many of my clients over the years have become close friends of mine. Some of them like giving me gifts, from movie tickets to trips around the world. And some have even offered themselves to me, but I make it a point not to mix business with pleasure. It does feel good that so many people offer me gifts and acknowledge how much they appreciate my help.

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When I bought my condo, one of my clients spent thousands of dollars on an entertainment system for me (this was one of many things I donated when I became a minimalist). But there are some gifts that I just can’t part with and those are normally the most personal gifts. I love when my clients bring me meaningful gifts they found while traveling or they made for me. It means a so much when I know that people are thinking of me not just as their trainer but as a friend.

After all of the years of training so many clients, I cherish the friendships we have built over the years. I look forward to so many more years of making new friends and sharing more of myself with all of you.

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