Should I Continue Personal Training?

From PeterFever Gallery, "A Day at Home"
From PeterFever Gallery, "A Day at Home"

My passion is helping people believe in themselves and offering them the right tools so they can reach their body’s full potential; whether it’s looking good for the summer or wanting to become a competitive bodybuilder. In the service industry I have to tailor my schedule for them. If I was a client, I would want a consistent training availability.

When I was planning to relocate, I really thought about if I should continue working in the training industry. There are great benefits; the money is good, the time is flexible (most of the time), and I get to meet awesome people, some of which become close friends. In a new city personal training would be a great way to meet people. I could deal with being alone for a while, but after while I would be bored to death. I need to interact with people in person, not just online.

I’m starting to travel a lot more now and I can’t make my clients wait for me every time I leave town. Here are my scheduled plans for the year: August in Los Angeles, September in Hong Kong & Taiwan, October in Hawaii, November in Thailand, and December in Fiji. I feel like I need to cancel some of my plans because I’m not being a good trainer traveling so much. I’m at the point where I need to decide:

  1. Do I want my freedom?
  2. Should I keep training?

I know I’m going to have to decide sooner or later. What do you guy think?

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  1. I don’t really think you should look at it now as a matter of “giving up” personal training…
    Consider it as a “break…”
    You’re so young and are about to begin new adventures (K-Town, and whatever may follow). There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself some breathing room.
    You deserve it 😉

  2. rule of thumb, if you cant do an adequate job with the clients you have -- be honest and help them find someone who can help them while u r out. When u are out -- you can always spread the word,..via what ever mode u need to and you can keep doing motivational training with new people. There is also another option where you can teach classes -- and maybe teach other personal trainers to be better listeners,..better motivators and better well rounded when they teach their clients. Many gyms could do with having their own trainers taught personal skills and communication and well as conversational skills with new or existing clients. Maybe you just tweak the direction a bit -- and train trainers? Do Online videos and do a training session at a club,..Get 24 hour and LA Fitness and Golds and Bodies in Motion -- and put together a whole outline into excellent personal training and how to get new clients, referrals and all that stuff! If each gym could pick up just 2 new additional clients each week -- that’s a huge bonus tot he club,…and get the current clients to sign up for new classes -- then its even better. You understand business and client retention — maybe you can teach others?

  3. being a HongKonger, i’m delighted to know that u’ve planned to come in sept.

    just do things that u cant do later. keep things balanced, everything would be alright.

  4. It’s alright, your clients probably learned many things you have taught them already, they can survive.

    and; going around the world . what’s it for?

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