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I hate going to family beaches during the summer because I like to go to all nude beaches. But this does have its drawbacks because when I sunbathe in nude I attract so much attention. In Northern California, the nude beaches are filled with people who don’t belong there. I mean they are not the fit at all and don’t have ‘gym’ in their vocabulary; they are the ‘before’ photos in diet advertisements.

From "A Little Sand in Your Speedos" on PeterFever
From "A Little Sand in Your Speedos" on PeterFever

During the summer I am booked with photo shoots and I barely have time to tan at the beach. I don’t enjoy tanning because I know that it’s harmful to your skin making it age faster, causes skin cancer, and is time consuming. Tanning is all for business, I need to look my best on camera. Having a nice tan makes me look healthy, it makes my muscle pop out, and covers any imperfections.

I used tanning spray once but found it didn’t last very long, I had to stand up most of the time because I didn’t want the tan to smear, and I had to sleep in a weird position. Every morning my bed sheets turned from white to nasty brown color; it was a mess.

From "Work Those Posers, Peter" on PeterFever
From "Work Those Posers, Peter" on PeterFever

Recently I tried Banana Boat self tanning lotion, it works well and looks real; within three days I have a perfect tan. I apply it after I shower and found it saved me time because I don’t have to go to the beach anymore or pay a ton of money at the tanning bed. So if you are short of time, give the Banana Boat self tanning lotion a try.

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  1. Dear Peter

    You said within 3 days, you already had a perfect tan. How many times in a day do you apply Banana Boat self tanning lotion? (Every how many hour do you have to apply the lotion again in a day in order to tan your skin quickly?) I would like to know after you apply Banana Boat self tanning lotion, how long should you wait before you wear your clothes? because I know it will turn your clothes into brown, too.

    Thank you for sharing me your experience in advance.

    Good Luck and GOOD BODY!


  2. Banana or not, “Work those posers” is the best!!
    ~ Son of dragons! Grandson of fairies! ~
    Ages of history have been waiting for Your awakening!

  3. Dear Peter, I appreciate the fact that you have a beautiful body and that you care for it well. I, fortunately, have a natural tan due to my ethnicity. Unfortunately, I am one of those who you would consider “not fit”, but what disturbs me is that you referred to the fact that nude beaches were not for people who are not fit. I beg to differ, in that nude beaches are for everyone, there is no requirement of body or physique. I love your looks, and I continue to support your efforts in caring for your health and body, but I don’t agree that only “beautiful people” should have these special privileges.

    • I agree with Kala, that really was an immature thing to say. Its too bad that you have to boost your ego by putting down others.

    • Boost my ego? You like watching 500 pound people walk around naked? And what do you of you DO to help people that are obese? I have committed myself to making people healthier that’s why I became a personal trainer. I don’t write a politically correct blog, I just write how I really think and feel. At least you can’t accuse me of being fake. Disagree with me all you want, I stand by my opinions.

    • I do work in the health and well-being industry and I would personally never dream of saying what you said in the first paragraph. We prefer to focus on positive rather than negative language, maybe these people already feel bad enough about themselves without making them feel worse. What is it really like to be 500 pounds? To be stared at, to be told you don’t belong, to be put down, to be laughed at. 500 pound people could be coming to your blog and thinking wow, that Peter, he is so gorgeous, really aspire to be like him, but then they read a paragraph like that…it just makes me feel sad. Yes, I am one of those people who is slightly overweight but also have a minor disability therefore there is no way I am ever going to meet your criteria that I can ever go on a nudist beach. Maybe I should just stay indoors the rest of my life so I won’t offend or gross anyone out.

      I do respect you for posting my comment though.

    • Don’t be so ridiculous and act like I’m personally attacking someone. At least I come out and say what I think. How many Hollywood movies or TV commercials show 500 pound people frolicking on a nude beach…ZERO. I help obese people get in shape all the time, many have become close friends. Even my manager was originally my client and was 100+ pounds overweight, but he totally agrees with me on this article. People seem to take anything I say to the extreme. What’s wrong with saying I don’t like looking at 500 pound “naked” people on the beach. I didn’t say to ban them, I only said “I” don’t like it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t have a problem that you disagree with me, but please don’t make it seem like persecuting anyone with my comment. And this is my personal blog so I don’t have to be politically correct, I can just be “Real”. Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate having a good discussion.

    • I went to my first nude beach when I was in my early 20s and I couldn’t believe how many people were grossly obese. Nude beaches ARE filled with people who should at least try to get fit before summer. A little chubby? Okay, not everyone is an Adonis like Peter, but if you are 300+ lbs, no one wants to see that.
      It’s not healthy or attractive. Go to the regular beach and take long walks and swim if the water is safe.

    • The goal I had in my messages was to highlight how you are coming across in what you said and to see if you could understand how others might feel as a result. Within the organization I worked, which partly regulates your industry, the majority of people working there are PT’s or specialize in a certain field ie Aquatic, Yoga, Pilates, Osteofit etc. There were also two very large people working there (I wasn’t one of them) and they were constantly bullied by certain managers to the extent where both of them had to walk out of their jobs and one ended up not being able to work for 2 years, which caused further complications with his obesity (sitting at home all day). They were told, due to their weight problem, that they were retarded. I know you wouldn’t even think like that yourself but just wanted to highlight what I see regularly and how just one sentence can have an impact on their already delicate emotional state. No one’s aim in life is to be obese, hopefully, but people do feel crap when they get to that state. Being obese is not just a physical issue, its about diet, emotional wellbeing, self esteem and more than often some medical complications ie a disability that prevents them doing the type of gym stuff you do.

      I am certainly not politically correct about myself, if I were that overweight I might jokingly say that if I was on a nudist beach a passing trawler might mistake me for a beached whale. I wouldn’t say that about other people though, its just how I was bought up.

      It’s healthy that we may disagree, I love to be challenged on my blog because I know I am not perfect and will be the first to admit where I might have been wrong. As long as we can keep an open mind and see other peoples viewpoint even if we don’t come to those conclusions ourselves. You are probably fed up with my messages, but thanks again for listening and publishing.

    • I agree that there are a lot of mean people in the world that purposely try and put people down. That’s not what I meant by my sentence but I do understand that some people can interpret it differently. I’m glad we both want to help people get fit and have made it our profession to do so. Don’t be a stranger and comment more often, makes the blog more interesting.

    • (sorry, just some points…)
      most ‘nudist beaches’ worldwide are part of a political movement, a dream, to allow EVERYBODY to enjoy their social life in the open NO MATTER how their bodies may look. (so that Peter Le could lie next to Aretha Franklin and Stephen Hawking naked in the sun talking about Fukushima… 🙂 Your remarks would sure sound conceited/inappropriate there. Why can’t you just enjoy the sun??
      But nude places where you ‘expose’ yourself or go to ‘be looked at’ are a totally different kind. There will be verbal bashing and rewarding, appeal and revulsion, -- it’s ALL about the kick of being evaluated or aroused by the public, isn’t it?! It’s open competition. So, it seems there is some confusion going on about ‘nude beaches’…
      Let us all fight for a tolerant environment for everybody, including all whose physique is clearly influenced by a disability! And if your individuality is a statement, proud and healthy -- who’d mind a beach full of sumo wrestlers?
      For most everybody else: obesity is an epidemic ADDICTION!! It’s a sign that for whatever reason you have lost control over your urges, can’t cope with abundance, lack the natural discipline, knowledge or determination to choose pain over pleasure _consistently_! Like being in debt, physically! You read Peter’s books and friends, even trainers say: oh, don’t be so strict! And Peter is years and years of that kind of discipline?? wow!! How could you possibly remain obese with such a lifestyle??
      While I still can’t fully approve of that kind of remark, I realize now that it’s part of the right mindset. Strong values are important for those who aim for more and unleash the potential of ~before-ads~…

    • You should check out mrpregnant on youtube, a large comedian who appears on the streets leaving little to the imagination. However, not happy with his body turning his life around by hitting the gym in his Fat to Fitness challenge. Talented guy, interesting life story.

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