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Pete Physique’s 4 Rules to Dieting

I get a lot of questions about dieting and my answer varies from person to person based on their goal. I’m here to try and make dieting easy for everyone. I won’t go into depth about creating a meal plan or give you an example of what I eat because we all come from different backgrounds; but here are my simple guidelines.

  • First, the most important rule to dieting whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose the fat – Eat Every 3 Hours – no matter what.
  • Second, you need to eat slowly and eat until you are satisfied not full. There are many times when people sit down to eat and watch TV at the same time and they forget how much they have been eating. Pay attention to your body and stop eating when you are satisfied.
  • Third, you need to cut the sugars. Years ago, before sugars were prevalent in our diet, we could eat fatty foods and the average person was not fat. But today, sugars are in almost everything we eat and drink. This has led to an increase in ailments from diabetes and heart disease to cancer. So cut down on sugars as much as possible or at least avoid processed sugars and use things like raw sugar or honey in your foods as sweeteners.
  • Finally, it is okay to have a food binge day once in a while, but I still recommend avoiding sugars and don’t get too crazy.

By following these simple guidelines and sticking with a healthy workout routine of 3 days a week for 45 minutes, you will see a leaner, healthier you in the mirror each day.

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