My First Facial

I’m thinking about getting my first facial. My pores get clogged on my face from time to time and my manager recommended that I get a facial. I thought it would be the same as the face scrub that I could purchase from the store, but he said facials are very different and you feel great afterward. Have any of you had a facial before? Do you think I should get one?

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  1. …you turn to professionals to get your hair cut -- so where’s the difference? We’ll love both -- the authentic Robert AND the ideal Edward! 🙂 Besides, you don’t seem to be the ‘addictive’ type, right? They better do a good job and be worth the money! I’d sure want to see your skin sparkling mysteriously in the sun on your next photo shoots, so if that’s what it takes…. ^^!

  2. If you take care of your skin everyday, and frequently scrub, doing mask, you won’t need to go for facial so often, once in a while is ok. Anyway, you will enjoy the facial massage in the treatment, myself love that so much.

  3. I had one there are great very relaxing why to think I am so young looking and handsome it take work to look this good you take care of your body so you have to take care of your face!!! let me know how is it???

  4. Yes,you should get it.because you are super star now,you must care your public image.facial let your face very comfortable.I do it a few years ago.I am very good at doing beauty facial.I really want do it for you if I stay with you!!!

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