Getting Sick from the Gym

PeterFever Bathroom Picture
PeterFever Bathroom Picture

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I’m coming down with a fever, seriously, I’m getting sick. One bad thing about being a personal trainer is that I’m in the best place to catch something because the gym is filled with germs. If you think about it, dumbbells and machines are used by hundreds of people, grabbing equipment with their sweaty, dirty hands. Even though you see the cleaning crew scrubbing the floors and sanitizing the machines, there are many people who have used the equipment in-between cleaning sessions.

The gym ventilation is not very good either. The cardio room is a room filled with machines lined up right next to each other causing stale, virus filled air to recirculate between people. The fans in the cardio room only force it back in your face faster and combine the air from a few dozen people breathing heavily along with their body odor to combine into a terrible storm of sickness.

On the other hand, going to the gym sick is probably not a bad idea because everyone will eventually get sick from the same bug.

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