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USA Bodybuilding Competition

There are 3 weeks left until I’m on stage with the cream of the crop in Men’s Physique, who also qualified in regional competition. I’m really excited about being among the best in the USA and I’m pushing myself to do everything right, to look great and feel my best on stage. 

A lot of competitors who look good tell me they feel like shit. That’s because they starve themselves or go on some crazy diet. My secret is about working smarter not harder. I’m actually only working out 20 minutes a day, 6 days per week now. This show means a lot to me because if I place in the Top 2, I receive my professional card where I can compete at Mr. Olympia next year. Only a select few receive a pro card and I want one. So come see me compete July 30th in Las Vegas.

What to look like me? Check out:

Here are some pics from the last competition where I placed first.

[cincopa AcGA5qKwYup_]

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