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PeterFever Travels to Japan

Getting Ready for Japan
Getting Ready for Japan

As you know, there are two sides to me, a public side and a personal, spiritual side. Today I’m going to let you know a little more about my spiritual side. Last year, I sold or gave away all of my possessions. I planned to travel the world and get in touch with myself, but the trip never happened. First, I was selected to be on K-Town. Then started to grow, was created to sell my books, and I launched and started coming up with a clothing line – Peter Le Designs. For over a year, I’ve been overwhelmed with my businesses and fitness competitions.

Now that I’m getting on top of everything, I feel it is time to fulfill the promise I made to myself and get away from it all, find some inner peace, and get my chakras centered. So I started planning a big trip to Japan and I’m really excited. I’ll be gone for about a month, traveling across Japan. I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture, so I can’t wait to go experience Japan in person.

If any of you have recommendations for places I should visit or things I have to try in Japan, please let me know by email at or in the comments below.

One Hot Pussy Cat
One Hot Pussy Cat

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  1. How are you going to travel with just a backpack? Whenever I travel, I bring a big luggage and a backpack for my laptop. 1 Month in Japan, are you sure you gonna have everything in one backpack? Do you think your clothes will fit in there? What about souveniers? Will you be buying stuff in Japan? lol sorry for too many questions. For me, its kinda impossible to travel to any country for 1 month with just a backpack lol.

  2. I don’t know if you speak Japanese, but if you can pls learn a little japanese. spending 1 month in japan with no knowledge of the language will be a challenge! Also pls take pictures of the japanese people that you meet if you can. And also if you visit any japanese gay bars, videos! lol. One of the great things about Japan, they are very welcoming of the gay community!

  3. Travel alone. Have a vague itinerary. Take only a backpack with bare essentials. You’ll learn a lot and realize new things about yourself (good/bad). Head to Southeast Asia if you can. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos. Pristine beach living for $20/day. Good luck.

  4. i assume your going to travel soon, otherwise I’d say you could attend a naked man festival at one of the temples, (there’s a big one in the beginning of march at Niigata-ken’ Bukoji Temple) and i guess they’re held year round, but if I was in Japan i would have to see one. That and the cherry blossom festival. Lol

  5. :)! hmmm, aside from the usual touristic attractions -- Japanese nature is very intense and mystical! There are centuries-old paths used by pilgrims on spiritual quests, holy mountain shrines, enchanted villages -- maybe they’ll let you find them? Oh, hey, …and a meeting with Sudo Genki?! ‘Let’s Pu-she’! 😉 Good luck!

  6. YAY! I’m a big fan of you from Japan. Well, if this is the first time to come to Japan, you’ll definitely have to go to Kyoto. There are many beautiful temples there, but I highly recommend the Nijyou castle! Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and Okinawa are really nice places to visit as well 😀 Now it’s dangerously hot in Japan, so be careful!!

  7. whoooohoooo, brings back memories of when I first travelled to japan, i was so excited, couldn’t wait to go. i bet you’re excited, too 😉 just sent you an email with my recommendations… take care!

  8. I love the hello Kitty Pillow. speaking of which, though it’s not too Manly for you, Sanrio Puro Land and Harmony land is a place I want to visit in Japan, you might wanna stop by there and see for yourself. it’s like their Disney land I think. Universal studios in Osaka is also a nice place to visit. =)

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