Birthday Role Play

I want you to do a little role playing with me.

The scene: my birthday this weekend.

The scenario: You are my date. How far are you willing to go to make me feel special on my birthday? What would you give me as the perfect gift?

Leave your answers in the comments. If I like what I see, your dream scenario might become reality.

PeterFever Getting Ready to Party
PeterFever Getting Ready to Party


Written by PeterFever


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  1. For your next year birthday peter I want to take you to the beach walking and socialize to get to know each other little bit, then eat ourselves some hot dogs and try my favorite mexican dessert bionicos because I respect you’re not into sweets, but it’s very nutritious and tell you what it means. Them for my birthday will be this tuesday the 15 and I’ll be 23 y.o. And I wish I want to meet you imperson together because I such a great fan to you from the bottom of my heart since we talk on myspace and it was great that we talked together, but I want to thank you for everything thanks for listening peter le I hope you message me on facebook and wish me birthday soon so bye and thanks. 😉

  2. for your birthday,I would start by slowly taking your clothes off. rubbing your muscles as i went. the song “me so horny” would be playing. then we would go to the bedrooom. i would put whip cream on you nipples and slowly lick it off while i stroked your penis. then you would roll me over and put your penis in me so deep. we would have hot,passionate sex all night long.

  3. happy b’day Pete
    sorry if I’m late
    Perhaps we can have a dinner, a private but not romantic. later on, we can talking and share some stories about our life…
    Then we can go to the beach, playing with the sea for a little bit..
    And we can try to watch the moon…
    After that the rest of it is yours….
    i hope I can meet you someday n become your friend…

  4. I think it’s about time to release K-town to a national television audience giving you more EXPOSURE now that Jersey Shore is off season.

    My birthday was last week 10/29 so it’s a double-whammy!

  5. Well, first we would go get dinner, then we would head to your place. I’d feel your bulge, I’d oil your whole body/undress you slowly while doing so. Then I’d suck you dry, and you could fuck me, or vice versa. I hope this doesn’t creep you out, and now I’m horny! Thanks… 🙂

  6. Peter
    Does this mean you are a scorpio? I am a scorpio too. I am 73 years old and will be 74 on the 8th of November. I have followed you on Youtube and your blog for some time because I think you are a well adjusted individual that enjoys a variety of life. I enjoy admiring your body and wish that I could lay my hands on it and do whatever you desire that would make you happy

  7. I would like it to be double special because my Birthday is prior to yours, ;). I think breakfast in bed would be a good way to start your day. you’ll wake up on ur bed with PJ already wearing a party hat. you’ll see on the mini breakfast table a single stem flower, omelet on a plate with a happy birthday greeting written by catsup, an iphone VTR from your Family, friends, and fans wishing and greeting you a happy birthday, and a mini crystal figure of you with a quote, ” The Hottest Asian Hunk in the World”. after eating your breakfast, you head to the bathroom so you can take a bath. (bathing you won’t be a bad idea, if u ask me 😉 anyway…) then, I’ll go with you to the gym for your daily work out. while working out and interacting with other people, you will receive 8 puzzle pieces from selected people after answering correctly some of their inquiries or just random questions anything- everything under the sun ( if u can’t catch up, well, this is actually like a game or scavenger hunt in which in the end, you will discover what we will do next after u complete d 8 puzzle pieces which is a picture of your tattoo =) ) after completing the puzzle, you’ll discover that we’ll do an anime themed photo-shoot. you can have your choice/s of characters but of course, it has to be shirtless and sexy, ;). maybe a shirtless kakashi or zabusa will look good on you. after doing maybe less than 10 anime character shots, it’s time for me to give you 1 of my gifts. a kunai set and your own version of forehead protector because your tattoo is engraved in there ( i love the meaning of ur tattoo, teehee). then it’s time for you to clean up again coz finally, it’s dinner time. I would like to take you to a place, like “Alcatraz” , a haunted mental hospital/jail inspired cafe/restaurant in Akihabara (Japan…I’ve never been to it and not really something common to me but, I wanted to try it just for the fun of it, hopefully this makes you curious too). for this dinner, I’ll be wearing a skimpy police/nurse outfit. 1st as a police I’ll inspect u, 😉 then as a nurse, will do a physical assessment after, LOL! then we’ll proceed to the cell, where we will have the dinner. and while eating, I’ll ask the servers to get the cake. it’s modeled after ur site and it says there, ” I love Peter Fever, Happy 29th Birthday! and before we leave I will challenge u to a video game fight. If u win, I’ll give u another gift, but if I win, you’ll grant me a wish, tee-hee! as we go back 2 ur place, win or loose, haha! I’m going to give u my PeterFever scrapbook that shows my admiration to you with a letter of thanks for the wonderful experience. Happy Birthday to us, Peter!

  8. Happy b’day… You would enjoy a exotic quiet and luxurious dinner followed by a few drinks and dancing at a hip club (gotta share you with the fans…) and then a sensuous two hour massage -- two hours of slow sensuous hot oil massage strokes with nothing in mind but total body relaxation.

  9. If you where my date 1st we I will walk with you to the beach then maybe have dinner =) then s i will give you a necklace as a gift then i will walk you you home tada =) hope your bday goes well I wish yeah all the best =) X.o.x.o

  10. I think Im gona ask you to do the thing your not that a fan of, stay dressed. :))
    Well the catch is Im gonna cook dinner for us and I want to have a serene dinner by the shore of some isolated beach. Tequila or vodka, champagne if you want after and just enjoy the night there with you waiting for midnight to welcome your special day til dawn. Its like me catering to you :))
    You need to stay dressed in that sense since its gonna be cold and I want you to feel a different environment from the usual thing you’re doing (and very good at). Then maybe after we can do some dirty beach works haha!! I just wanna let you know how I fantasize you. Not all of your fan wants you naked I guess. Im one of the few, but maybe privately Ill subscribe to that thought. After all, who wouldnt? Happy Birthday Peter!!! 😉

  11. For your birthday …

    At 12pm on Friday, I would pick you up and will take you to the Bellagio Spa & Salon in Newport Beach and treat you to the their Signature Package (includes 60 min Swedish Massage, Aromatic Body Polish, European Facial, and Manicure & Pedicure). After this, I would gladly take you to Newport Beach where we would board one of the Hornblower fleet ships, and enjoy a 3-hour yacht cruise which includes champagne, dinner, and live jazz. Afterwards, I would kindly take you to back to my hotel room, make some tea, sit down, and get to know you. When you are ready, I will take you home, and leave extremely happy for an incredible evening with an incredible man.

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