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Pierre’s âne et la bite

I think French sounds so hot; so check out my new French galleries this week.

Le Garçon Piscine

(The Pool Boy)

Le Garcon Piscine
Le Garçon Piscine

 Le big la bite

(The Big Cock)

Le Big La Bite
Le Big La Bite

La Chambre d’hôtel

(The Hotel Room)

La Chambre d'hôtel
La Chambre d'hôtel

Written by PeterFever


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  1. I like when americans speak french or use french words, it’s so sexy. You have a lot of fans in France who like your ripped body, your cute face, your dark long dick and of course your bubble ass with this so hot hole. Peter, tu es adorable !!!!

  2. And for instance, Google Translate did not work very well…

    The correct translations are:

    Le cul et la bite de Peter 😯

    Le garçon de la piscine 😎

    La grosse bite 😛

    La chambre d’hôtel…. 😉

    It is free, you are welcome, …. 😀

  3. Haha ! what a surprise ! Thanks for all the Frenchies (like me) who are following you !!! But I wonder why when I am speaking French I am not sexy at all, and you, when you speak French, suddenly all becomes exciting and hot??? What is your secret, really ???… haha well, when we see your pictures -- and for those who can see mines 🙁 -, I think everybody can see your secrets…;-) And “bite ” is a very very dirty and exciting word in French… Peter, tu es le plus beau garçon du monde , et je t’aime !!! 🙂

  4. french correction :

    the pool boy : le garçon de piscine

    the big cock : la grosse bite

    la chambre d’hôtel is correct

    Peter, your french is very cute 🙂

    call me when you come in Paris


  5. Oops … I’m happy that you find my language hot, but even though it might sound like French, it barely means anything ^^ (it’s funny though :P)

    Ask me if every you wanna … practice 😉

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