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“The Asiancy” Mini-Series Released!

The Bellboy S1E1
The Bellboy S1E1
Eric East & Shane Frost
Eric East & Shane Frost

I couldn’t help myself. Jessie left the room and the bellboy was so fucking hot. So when he offered to give me a massage, of course I said, “Yes”.

I never realized that I would end up cheating. But Shane was so hot I couldn’t resist his hands, his caress and the way he sucked my cock and stroked it so gently.

I’m getting hard just thinking about him again.

“The Bellboy” Season 1 – Episode 1

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Yes please more Asian on Asian sex scenes. Besides showing how attractive Asian guys can be, it’s also even more hotter to show that they can be attracted to one another. 🙂

  2. what a gorgeous model. stunning. thanks for not having any of the typical music — makes it much more sensual without. would love to see more moaning and guys really getting into it. you’re off to a great start. awesome photography.

    • Yes there will be. Right now it is working on character development. You will see how the relationships evolve over Season 1 & 2.

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Record Sign-ups for "The Asiancy"

Record Sign-ups for “The Asiancy”