Great Gym Culture
Great Gym Culture
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New Year, New You

This year you should start your way to fitness with choosing the right gym. If you are working out at home just doing push ups and pull ups, it’s time to step it up. I have trained at many gyms and I know how to pick out the good and the bad. I will list a few things to look for in order of importance.

1. Location.
Just like they say in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. You need to chose a gym that is convenient to travel to. Check if there are any traffic to your gym and make sure parking is plenty. I have been to a gym that charges $1.25 for parking; it doesn’t sound much all, but if you are going to the gym everyday that parking will cost you $1.25 x 365 = $ 456 a year to park. That is technically a gym membership for your car.

2. See what types of memberships they offer.
 I have seen month to month memberships to 3 year contracts. If this is your first gym, I recommend going for the month to memberships. If you plan on joining a 24 hour fitness, Costco has a 2 year membership for only $369, which comes out to about $16 a month.

3. Gym etiquette
 See if the gym staff maintains their machine and lock room cleanliness. If you see dumbbells scattered all over the weight room, then the gym members are not considerate. It will be hard to keep a consistent focused workout with proper equipment. 

These are the most important things to consider when choosing a gym. Good luck in 2015!

New Year Resolution
New Year Resolution

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