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Resistance Training for Mom

Every time I’m over my parent’s house to eat, my mother always complains that she would love to eat more, but she doesn’t want the extra pounds on her belly that comes with over eating. I respond by saying, “Well mom, you have to exercise to burn off the extra calories.” Her idea of exercising is walking on the treadmill at home in her nightgown without shoes for 15 minutes and occasionally performing crunches on her bed while watching her favorite TV program.

Who said you can’t teach a ‘mature’ person a new trick! The problem with giving advice to your elders is that they think they know it all and believe if they continue to do things wrong it will be perfect. That thinking is perfectly wrong.

My mom in her early 50’s, 5 feet tall, and weighs between 115 – 120 pounds. She is determined to lose her belly fat. I suggested a few things; first do girl push-ups. Second, for her superset, do a rowing exercise with a resistant band. That’s it! 5 – 10 minutes of going back and forth with a short break in between and she’s done. She was amazed that she had sweat more than she would have on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Resistance Bands

I know for most of the readers here are thinking, wow that’s her exercise routine and she can lose her belly fat if she does this 10 minutes every day? Hell yes. My mother has no clue about resistant training; she thinks pumping her fist over her head will help tone and define her arms. She probably saw that on a stupid commercial.

My goal for my mother is to get her to enjoy exercising and eventually add new exercises that work other muscles while burning some extra calories. If you have parents that need help, try suggesting these simple tips.

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