I Need A New Gym

I love my gym. It has everything that I like from heavy weights, sexy members, open space, and of course I know everyone there. The problem is everyone loves to chat. Most of the time all they want to do is gossip about other gym members or complain about their spouse / significant other. The guys are good, they keep the conversations short. However, the women keep talking and never seem to stop; that drives me crazy.

Peter Le in "2009 Max Muscle" gallery on
Peter Le in "2009 Max Muscle" gallery on

I tried wearing headphones and listen to my iPod, but people don’t seem to care, they come up to me anyway. When people ask how I’m doing, I feel bad just saying “good” so I normally tell them what is actually going on in my life. But most people don’t know how to end conversations, even when you give them subtle hints. For the clueless people I’m more assertive and just say, “I got to go and train a client now.”

For the last couple of years I’ve been giving myself 10 minutes between clients because I know people want to talk. It doesn’t matter how busy I look, people still come up and ask questions. Last week I had this guy come up to me what I was running on the treadmill and asked, “What are you doing?” These are the times I just want to be a member of an exclusive gym where it is forbidden to ask dumb questions.

Peter Le in "2009 Max Muscle" gallery on
Peter Le in "2009 Max Muscle" gallery on

I say I need to find a new gym, but it is like a family there. I’m so use to everyone and have a system in place that it would be strange going somewhere new and starting all over again. I guess we have to take the good with the bad. But if the worse I have to put up with are dumb questions once in a while or people interrupting my training occasionally, I guess it’s not that bad.

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  1. My gym tries to be ‘exclusive’; there it’s the trainers who are sometimes a pain.
    They walk up to you in the middle of the exercise: “How are you today?” -- “grmmpfff!”. “Try to lift your elbow, like this! Look!” -- “o.groaaaahh!”….
    None of them look like you ‘though…
    So cute! IPods and polite excuses, an asian heart after-all! I wonder how people would react to an angry viet terminator-look though….

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