The Sweet Girl Next Door

About a month ago I met Julie as I was leaving my condo. She was busy moving in next door. I spoke with her for a few minutes and found out that she was in her mid 40’s and works in high-tech. It’s very common for people to move to the Bay Area because of all the high-tech companies around.

Julie is a little on the heavy side with short hair and she wears glasses. I dubbed her the ‘sweet girl next door’ because she is very polite when we bump into each other. She is a nice and innocent girl, but she gets loud at night.

I never see any guys or girls coming over her place and my hearing is sensitive the walls are thin. After a long day from working, I went to my room to sleep and as I start to drift off I heard moaning. Her condo is the opposite of mine which means that our beds are right against the shared wall.

After it happened the first time, I figured she just needed to release from a stressful day at work. But this keeps happening more and more frequently. Sometimes she moans so loud that I can’t sleep and this can goes on for over an hour each time.

My conclusion, the sweet girl next door is really a sex freak. I’ve been tracking her masturbation sessions and my records indicate that she does this every other day. Hopefully she isn’t tracking me, I would hate see what her blog might say, lol.

From "Alone in the Dorm" on
From "Alone in the Dorm" on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. hi peter le,
    i am very glad for u, and i like your body and i want my body same your body.
    how do u show for me? and do u use whey gain …?

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