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A couple of weeks ago I posted a message saying that I only read NY Times Best Sellers and I got a bunch of comments saying that I shouldn’t judge a book by their rating system. People went on to say that I’m limiting myself by not reading other books that don’t make the list. Well I don’t have a lot of leisure time to walk around bookstores browsing, so I use the Best Sellers list as my guide.

Here’s another example of how I save time by using other people’s opinions to help me make decisions. When voting time comes around, there are debates, smear ads, dozens of mailings and a ton of bogus information that goes around. I save time by getting my three closest friend’s opinions, who share the same beliefs and values that I have. I still do a little research on important topics and positions like President, but for the most part I follow what they have to say.

Another example is when I go to the movies. I check out, look at the reviews and basically go see the movie that the majority of reviewers said is worth watching. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like when I saw Clash of the Titans I walked out within 20 minutes because I didn’t like it.

I guess my point is, don’t take everything I say to the extreme and think that I’m close minded or not open to other things because I choose to use the NY Times as my guide for books to read or for new movies to watch. Of course I read other books not on their list like The Multi-Orgasmic Man which I friend gave me to read.

You need to realize that when I write my daily blog, I try to keep it interesting and give my fans a little more insight about the real me. So just keep on reading and learning more about me, as I learn more about you guys by reading your comments and emails. And thanks for taking the time to read today’s blog.

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  1. Well, there are distinctions. When you work off the NYTimes Best-Sellers List, you’re choosing based on popularity, not quality. When you rely on, as you admit you do, that’s a measure of critical assessment and, broadly, quality. Popularity’s virtually irrelevant. There are a ton of films with 100% ratings that were lackluster box-office performers.

    If quality’s your guide to books (like film), there are tons of lists from reputable publications assembling in some form, for instance, the best fiction of the 20th Century:; Or in some form assembling the best fiction of all time:,29569,1951793,00.html; Google searches will also yield lists of, say, the best books of the past decade.

    I believe these make much better fodder for “reading lists” than the NYTimes Best-Seller List.


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