Is My Gaydar Broken?

As many of you know I train at Gold’s Gym. But what you may not know is that I have a special ability, I have Gaydar. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is my ability to detect gay and bi-curious men around me, just from a look or gesture. I have been able to perfect this over the years because of where I train. See, you rarely find any women working out there because Gold’s Gym is known for bodybuilders and serious trainers. It’s perfect for gays because there aren’t many women around and you are surrounded by muscular, fit men.

Peter Le (aka PeterFever)
Peter Le (aka PeterFever)

I use to think my Gaydar worked really well, but lately I’ve been questioning myself. I’ve been training at this Gold’s Gym since 2006 and see the same people everyday. When I pass a face that I don’t know, I always make eye contact and smile. Gays will usually react by staring me and undress me with their eyes; that’s how I know that they are interested. Bi-curious guys get nervous and pretend that they never saw my hello. Then I will catch them staring at me and then quickly look away when they realize I caught them looking. But now I feel like all of the straight guys are checking me out too, but they are more subtle about it.

It’s hard to explain. I don’t know, either my Gaydar is really off these days or more and more guys at the gym are interested in men or at least me.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. hey peter:
    i had watch most of your videos on peterfever
    and there is something more that we need to see
    try to make a video of you using some sex toys and i wanna see you cum:)
    if its alright with you
    (ill be waiting for your reply)

  2. Hey Peter:

    I have to be honest with reading your post because it kind of made me chuckle a little. You see, ever since I came out as a gay man, I had gaydar. Most of all the guys that I know or women that I know who hang around gay guys, have gaydar, therefore, its not really a “special ability”, its a common factor among the gay community. Within today’s society, due to the fact that are so many men who are afraid to be recognized as bi-curious or all out gay, they are more subtle than before. I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve been approached by several so-called straight guys over the past few years, and I am the type of guy who gives respect to your sexual orientation and not try to push myself up on you in order to have sex with a straight guy. However, what I can tell you is, every one of them did not show a trace of the above mentioned and it wasn’t until they saw that I was respecting their indivuality that started to throw advances my way in order to show me that there was interest there. I can honestly tell you that one guy in particular was extremely handsome and was known as a ladies man. And because he wanted to become my friend, I made it known that I was gay and he accepted it. However, when his girls weren’t in view, he would try his best to get my interest to the degree by staring at my bulge of my crotch area to even visiting me at my place and several times stripping naked
    to get me to make advances towards me and still insisting that he was straight. With all that being said, in my opinion, its not that your gaydar is off, its just that guys are being extra careful to put themselves out and they are trying to read you more clearly.

  3. I am going to have to agree with Sara You are a very beautiful person inside and out but you are too conservative to the ppoint that its getting boring and redundant. There should be more excitement and adventure in them. MAy be ad other people in them. If you don’t want other in them you should show more emotiion. Such as when you climax moan and show your reaction on your face. It will make people come back for more. Isn’t that the point?

  4. Cute post. Cuter author. But you know it’s subtle, not settle. Teachers can get annoying about these things when all they do is spell words all day.
    Keep on spreading the fever. xx

  5. thank you for adding me, i’m so enjoy your PeterFever blog, like gold’s gym,personal trainer and other…..Peter, u have a perfect body and handsome face, but i can’t accept your sexual photos, i think i too conservative, old fashion, sorry…sorry again…. *arigatou gozaimasu*

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