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Getting In Trouble for Bare Feet

USA Mens Physique CompetitionI’ve been training for the USA Men’s Physique Competition in July. Everything has been going great until today. Friday is my leg day and as usual I do squats. I racked the bar with heavy weights and then I took off my Vibram (monkey feet) shoes. I do this to get a better range of motion to build the entire length of my legs. The gym floor is old, so to prevent myself from slipping, I always do squats barefoot. It definitely gives me better traction. This is actually something very common to see people do at the gym.

Well today, the manager of the gym, that I have been training for the past 5 years, came out and said I need to put my shoes back on; that being barefoot wasn’t safe. I replied, “Well it isn’t safe to have old slippery floors either.” He went on to warn me not to remove my shoes again. I replied, “Don’t watch me squat and it won’t be a problem.”

So let’s take a vote, who wants to see me barefoot when working out?

  • Yes, I love looking at your feet (52%, 88 Votes)
  • Maybe that manager is just following the rules, give him a break (40%, 68 Votes)
  • Put your shoes back on, your feet stink! (8%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 169

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Peter Le - In the Gym
Peter Le - In the Gym

Written by PeterFever


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  1. man oh man, dude ur feet turn me on so much. they’re so frickin hot! i would love to lick the bottom of your soles and suck on your toes. any chance of that happening ;)?

  2. Yo Peter you know I like you barefoot. You have some really hot looking feet. As for the Manager you know what the heck your doing. I see guy’s in the gym barefoot a lot doing squats. Will Willis a good buddie of mine and has one several competions trained me that way.

  3. Hey Pete -- I like the site and follow often. But try putting the shoe on the other foot for once, so to say. Its his gym -- and maybe there are other reasons for him to ask not to take your shoes off -- fungus, bacteria, maybe someone dropped a weight, health authorities, etc… Your answer was in fact disrespectful…

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