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The Asiancy Behind-the-Scenes S2P1

Spencer and Mitch

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be on a porn set? This week you get a behind-the-scenes pass to see all of the models and how they get ready for their scenes, plan the shoots, and clean-up afterwards.

Jessie Demonstrates the Fuck Scene

It’s funny because everyone might thing all of the sex scenes are pre-planned ahead of time. When my buddy and I write the script we do have an idea of some of the positions we would like, but before filming begins we ask the models what they think works too. That way everything is a collaboration and I think we get a better episode in the end.

Spencer, the Champ of Blowjobs

We also have a lot of fun on the set and I let each of the guys take turns being a second cameraman so they can understand the shots and what looks good from the other side of the camera. I know you will enjoy “The Asiancy Behind-the-Scenes, Season 2 – Part 1” starring Eric East, Jessie Lee, Spencer Williams, Mitch Vaughn, Jake West, Peter Le, Johnny & Joe.

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  1. wow your pretty tough as a boss! I got nervous watching you lol:) But yes your right, I do wish on one day seeing a live gay porn in person! That would be a memorable experience! 🙂

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