New Year’s Resolution

Being in the fitness industry, I hear many New Year’s fitness resolution that end up failing. These unbelievable goals that one makes also carry over to any New Year’s resolution that end up failing. Well, I’m here to help you make short and long term resolution whether it’s for fitness, or personal life.

No Time for Failure
No Time for Failure

First of all, you want to make goals that you can keep, but not too easy. The easier the goal is the more you think it’s silly of having it in the first place.

Second, you want to make objective goals. I occasionally hear someone wanting to be fit for the new year. It’s a goal that’s going to fail if you can’t measure your progress.

Last, make a goal that you feel strongly about. The emotional attachment of wanting something will reassure why you thought of the goal to start with.

My Resolutions are Set
My Resolutions are Set

My goal is to run a mile under 6 minutes (not easy) in two months. I’m going to measure my progress each time I run a mile and I’m doing it because I like feeling the burn in my legs and lungs. What is your New Year’s resolution?

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