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BBQ Binge Day!

Peter Le BBQ Binge Day

Once a week I binge eat to increase my hormone levels; so I’m eating a ton of BBQ today. I normally eat 1,500 – 2,000 calories a day when training, but today I’m going at least double that. Check out my video.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter, you look so tired. I hope you are able to get the sleeping situation under control soon. Insomnia is no fun at all. But it’s no wonder you cannot sleep, frankly, as you have so many things whirling around in your head. I think you need to take a mini-break and get away from everything for a while if you possibly can. Easier said than done, especially with work commitments. Take care.

  2. Peter Le,
    Sorry there was NO SOUND at all, but -in the picture- going for the straw, shows tension in your forehead..Never mind the comments re the K-town venture…As I blogged there:..I dared say that 95% of the people’s comments will show their own personal prejudice(s).While in Holland, I made the comment that EVEN THERE, people are STILL not ready to say (about gay mariages):.”Same emotions, different plumbing.!”..Peter,.U are in sore need of “alone time” at the beach, maybe…… listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach…Stay healthy…

  3. as far as u r concerned, u hve ur moral support. i mean itz ur perogative. jst go ahead n do the things that u like….dnt bother abt whether others will b offended… u live for urself, not for anyone else….

  4. Look you’re so exhausted. Eat much to gain more strength. I’ll follow all your routines. And Butcher, please don’t ask such meaningless question! Let him be himself :))

    • Peter, maybe you look too thin. If you go to live in K Town MTV house, how will you stay on your special body builder diet and have time to work out ? People in MTV reality shows have jobs and projects they must work on, and then go out and party and drink lots of alcohol almost every night, how will you be able to go to gym everyday ?

  5. Peter, check your spelling of ‘restaurant.’ You said you feel ‘tainted by the web-site thing.’ But you say you want people to check out and join this seems contradictory to me. Are you going to continue to make sexy vids for PeterFever if ‘K Town’ is picked up by MTV ?

    • He was refering to dating. I’m sure it is hard for him to date people once they find out about the website. Of course he wants you to check out his website, these are two different things. One is personal and one is business. And Butchie, are you a magazine editor or something, give the guy a break he is a porn star not a writer for the NY Times.

    • Thanks Lance,
      I meant I felt tainted by my website because it affects my relationships (dating). For some reason, most of them want me to shut it down.

    • OK Lance.. porn stars.. even if they have a degree from Fresno State.. aren’t expected to know how to spell. But I think you’re setting the bar too low.

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