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Monkey Feet Study Released

Monkey Feet - Vibram Shoes
Monkey Feet - Vibram Shoes

These shoe are not just the latest fashion trend, it’s changing the way we run. I see more and more people wearing these shoes as part of their everyday lifestyle; from to the gym to going to the store. Why the change? It started with 20% of runners who had problems with their feet when running. Some experts pointed out the high impact forces of heels hitting the pavement and the use of over cushioned, overly supportive running shoes as potential culprits.

Barefoot runners tend to run lightly, landing near the balls of their feet and they generate less poundage than regular heel strike-style runners. Basically, less pounding equals fewer injuries; fewer injuries attract more barefoot-style runners. By the way, they are not really called “Monkey Feet” that’s just the name my buddy gave them when I started wearing them all the time; the real name is Vibram (

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  1. I have a pair of these “shoes” and I love the feeling they provide but they are a dual edge sword. While I can cut my times by a decent percentage I get pains in my calfs from running in them for long distances and have to go back to tennis shoes to recover. I hope I can transition so these for good in the future.

    • Actually, the opposite happened with me. i was having serious pain from tennis shoes and switched to the Vibram and haven’t had any problems since. Maybe you are still running the same as before?

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