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Another Place I Call Home

Life is about compromises. After movingI found a decent gym called L.A. Fitness and there are better ones out there but I recently signed up for membership here since it’s very close to my office and has great parking. The members here aren’t the overly muscled type like the ones from Gold’s Gym instead it’s more like a family gym. Here are the pros and cons about this gym I now call home.


– spacious

– plenty of cardio equipment, which I hardly use

– weighted plates are round, good for dead lifts

– close to office

– great eatery in proximity

– month to month membership



– not enough weights, you have to search around the gym for another 45 pound plates

– not enough free weight equipment, only one squat rack

– men’s locker room has carpet flooring, which is bad because it builds up mildew quickly from the steam of the showers, pool, and sauna

– the restroom looks like from a beaten down high school restroom.


At the end of the day I just want a gym to use for 45 minutes, 3 times a week. This gym is alright in my books. 

This Will Do
This Will Do

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