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Spray Tan for Competition [YouTube]

So let’s travel back in time to last Friday. I got my first coat of spray tan to get ready for the competition on Saturday (see for results). This is also the night I went to Gameboi to party with my fans which I will write about soon, because that deserves a blog of its own. Today, I’m going to show you a video of what I look like before and after my spray tan.

Peter having Ice Cream
Peter having Ice Cream

Mr. Spray Tan
Mr. Spray Tan

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    • I really hate that spray tan too. It makes me feel terrible. And it kept rubbing off in the club. But as you can see from the pictures. everyone has the fake tan for the event.

  2. Well, for the physique competition with tan is better because we can see more strong your ABS but I love Peter before tan, anyway, you are perfect Peter.

  3. never understood that obsession with tanning people have. in your case it’s like spraying a rose cause it has to look golden…but ok, rules are rules. You won! Happy! (^_^)!

  4. What’s that ‘tan’ stuff taste like Peter? I only ask in case some of your fans here would like to lick you all over and make you nice and un-tanned, especially in all those places which you couldn’t show on stage 🙂

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