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Yesterday was my lucky day. I was walking across the gym to meet a client when I looked down and saw a crisp $1 bill. I was hesitant to pick it up because I didn’t want everyone in the gym to think I was cheap or needed the money. So I quickly picked up the dollar and looked around to see if anyone was watching me stuff it in my pocket. My client had noticed and said, “You should use the money to buy a lottery ticket.” I told him, “Buying the lottery ticket is the idiot tax.” I said it in a way that didn’t offend him in case he purchases lottery tickets.

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Of course people win the lottery, rarely is it anyone that you know. But I’m mainly against playing the lottery since it never seems to make people’s lives better; often I think it makes it worse. I have heard many stories of past lottery winners who ended up divorcing, in bad health from stress, and sometimes are even killed. Take a look at this article 13 Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything.

If I won the lottery, I would immediately donate 75% to charity, 20% to my family split evenly so I wouldn’t get harassed in the future and keep 5% for myself. I really don’t need much to be happy.

Listen, I don’t want to diminish your hopes about winning the lottery. It’s a great way to for states to collect taxes. But just remember, if you win, you will have to pay more than just taxes; everyone says it changes their relationships with loved ones and strangers (most of the time for the worse). I think you are better off saving up that money and spending it on something you really like instead ( 🙂

Take a look at this special HBO just released last week about the lives of lottery winners.

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  1. If i won the “jackpot” lottery, I would hire Peter Le as my PT, move him (and his significant other) into my compound along with my other specialists. Of course, this compound would be like the Playboy Mansion except it would feature men.

  2. Peter Le,
    It really depends on the winner’s psychological make up. If fiscal discipline is a problem, then the money will go down a black hole, never 2 be seen again.If you are lucky enough to win a pot of money; 1st move MUST BE: Incorporate yourself-it is constitutionally allowed.2nd: create subdivisions to shelter all your valuables: furnitures, home appliances, motorcycles, cars, boats ,home electronics, housewares, etc…It is all legally allowed.visit http://www.incorporating you by Ray Reynolds….The majority of winners fail 2 have a plan, which guarantees their failure…The ones who spend the $$$$ like drunken sailors are -of course- the first to go bankrupt…So, again, IF U play the lottery, U had BETTER have a plan for ….IN CASE….

    • .. good question Basil.. and why did Peter recently raise the price of a membership to PeterFever ? When someone says it’s not about the money.. it’s about the money. hehehe.

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