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Pete Physique Enters Competition

Ok, there is only 3 days left before I compete in Clover City, CA for the GNC Muscle Contest 2011 MPC Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique and Bikini Championships on March 26th. I’m looking forward to the Men’s Physique division, but I need your help. We have to wear shorts for the competition, not speedos. So I need everyone to vote, should I wear the grey shorts or the red board shorts for the competition? I want to make sure it shows my body off, but it is really hard for me to decide, so you guys decide for me. Grey or Red, you pick! Watch the video below.

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Pete Physique Grey Shorts
Pete Physique Grey Shorts

Pete Physique Red Board Shorts
Pete Physique Red Board Shorts

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  1. A friend of mine says why not wear the red over the grey and then at some point let the red ones drop to the floor revealing the grey. That way you’d get to wear both! However, I don’t know how the competition works, or even if this idea would break the rules, but I thought I’d pass it on 🙂

  2. **GNC Muscle Contest 2011 MPC Bodybuilding
    1. Place: Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium 4117 Overland Avenue Culver City, CA <<
    2. Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011 11:00 AM <Is this the Place??
    >>> Korea FAN ChangHeui-Lee <<<

  3. While red is dynamic, baggy hides too much of the physique that should be clearly evident to help you win the contest. Gray please — if you have to cover those thighs, make their hot shape entirely obvious.

  4. Red, no contest. The red boardshorts look hot hot hot! And they draw attention upwards to your powerful chest, while leaving the audience wanting to yank them down to get at what’s underneath.

    By comparison, the grey shorts make you look too slender, they reveal too much (leaving less to the imagination), and they detract from the rest of your body.

    Red red red!

  5. Well, I prefer the Grey ‘cos it shows up ur butt and legs nicely .. ie: it clings and brings out the lines and curves and bulges more .. but hey, the majority vote gets it 🙂

    PS: Peter, just to say I loved your Bidet Demo, especially at the start where you’re sitting facing away from the cam and the fountain of water is shooting up onto your hot tight you-know-what 🙂

  6. yes the red does seem to show off the abs more…. but baggy and long in the legs.

    but the grey, definitely shows off the body more (ie they are tight not baggy).

    but can you get something lower waisted? and with less leg length.

    we are used to see MORE of you…. than will be shown at the event!!

  7. Dear peter
    I think grey and red is nice,you wear every color is good!!Grey is sey,Red is lucky,I think you wear grey is on the inside,Red wear outside.You should change shorts on the stage.Don’t you think this is good idea?hehe…
    By the way,I like you hairstyle before,That is take pictures on the tennis cool!!!
    Miss you so much!!!

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