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GNC Mens Physique 2011 Results [See Photos]

I wanted to thank everyone for your support, your comments, and for choosing the red board shorts for me; I ready think the shorts made the difference. It was a tough competition and I was really unsure of the outcome. This was the first men’s physique show in California and we were the guinea for future shows.  Every competitor was in top shape; we all had six-pack abs and were as ripped as hell. I made some new friends and traded some bodybuilding secrets in the pump room.  It was a great show and I got First Place in my class and an awesome trophy. I guess working hard three times a week for 45 minutes has paid off.

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Now take a look at the pictures from the show


Written by PeterFever


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  1. Looks like the red was the right choce after all, as you stand out right there in the middle, and anyway the guy on the left is in grey so you’d have clashed 🙂 … Also, many congrats on the 1st Place & the Trophy 🙂

  2. I voted for the red shorts, you wear them well, sorry I didn’t get to meet you here in WEHO the other night, I am sure another time…. Proud of you GMC Physique Show!! you da man…. and I am still working out, thanks to your inspiration, this is my 4th week, I have lost 9.2 pounds, about 90 to go.. and I feel so good, I know how to workout/exercise, I was in a rut, but Iam amongst the living, life is great with people like you in it… thanks Peter Le

  3. All right Peter! Congratulations on winning the competition. I knew you could do it. I hope you had a great time and I wish I was there but I was cheering you on in spirit.

  4. Hey Peter, some friends of mine went to the show to see a friend of theirs compete. They told me how great this Asian guy in red shorts looked and I immediately told them it had to be you! So glad you won and wish I was there to see you in person!

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