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Pete Physique’s Breakfast of Champions - Be Strong Like Me - Be Strong Like Me

It is very important to have breakfast no matter what; even if you eat potato chips or candy, your body has been starving while you were sleeping and it needs energy to burn. It’s best to have carbs in the first half of the day because you end up burning it with proper exercise. That’s why I have carbs in the morning. When I was younger I would eat cheerios for breakfast and sometimes as a midnight snack. Now I’m not sure if I’m tired of eating the same thing or my taste buds have changed, but I’ve switched to Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I feel like a kid again. What’s your favorite breakfast?

Pete Physique is the Cinnamon Toast Kid
Pete Physique is the Cinnamon Toast Kid

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Oh wow!!!
    If the cereal have a campaign that give you to be my personal trainer, I will absolutely glad to have it every morning. ^_^

    But first of all, you should stand up when you take the whole box, cause the table is so annoying me from your ……. I mean you great body ……. hehehe

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