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Bad Dreams of Weight Lifting Gone Wrong

Pete Physique Gym Accident
Pete Physique Gym Accident

Lately, while on YouTube, I keep seeing disturbing videos pop-up on the sidebar of weighting routines gone wrong. When I watch them, it’s hard to forget the pain I went through in February when I got crushed.

I remember when I was performing a closed grip bench press with 295lbs; the bar slipped from my hands and smashed my chest.  It’s was scary when it happened, but now that I’m watching these videos I can see it happening again.

I’m not afraid of my muscles giving out, just of something dumb like the bar slipping from my hands and breaking something. So I make sure that I follow all precautions when lifting; I wear weight lifting gloves, ensure the weight is balanced, and I always make sure to have a spotter. Here are some of the accident videos I watched:

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  1. ahaha Nothing serious, it just hurt really badly..after practice, our coach always used to let us use the diving boards and relax for a bit before hitting the showers. So i decide to upgrade from the 7 meter to the 10 meter diving board with out him knowing..So i do my jump, sadly he decides to yell at me as i’m jumping. I end up timing it wrong and land chest first….. .. I had the bruise around my sternum for a few days.. probably him hitting the spot after he saw i was ok.. didn’t quite help. I learned my lesson though… ^-^

  2. Ouch…… I think I felt it.. could not stop coughing after watching the first one.. It reminded me of my first bad diving experience.. Please be careful…

  3. Just be careful, honey=) We want u to live well and forever young. You are such an inspiration for me to go out for the gym. I hope to send u my pic with a firm body one day.
    GQ a cute Thai fan

  4. Wow. That was scary. I am glad thought that you are safe after what happened back in February. But if you follow the rules then your beautiful body will remain safe.

  5. Dear Peter, that’s the secret of success. Do not, for one repulse to fear. It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly. ^_^

  6. Happy to know you follow the basic rules, spotter, gloves etc., we need you Peter, you have so much to offer (well you know what I mean)…. I am down 25 pounds, hard to believe, so exciting and just to think that you really inspired me… peace and love to you… be safe….

    • Hey Joe, thanks for the update. I’m so glad that you are working so hard and keeping on track. I’m very proud of you. Keep up the terrific work!

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