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It’s Good Friday

Time flies when you are busy pumping weight. Today, my mother called me to remind me that I had to give up eating meat on Good Friday, I was pretty bummed because I live off of meat. If you practice Good Friday, then you are not alone. I have a meal plan that will help consume enough protein without starving your hard muscle. Here’s my diet plan for tomorrow:

Time            Event                                          Calories

08:30 Am 1 scoop protein shake                  150

09:00 Am Workout 

11:00 Am 2 scoop protein shake                  300

12:00 PM PBJ sandwich                               350

02:00 PM 3 hard boiled eggs                        270

05:00 PM 2 oatmeal packets                         300 

                  5 egg whites                                   100

08:00 PM 2 cups fried rice                              650

10:00 PM 1 protein shake                               150

                   1 cup 2% milk                                 90

                   vegetable with hummus               200

11:30 PM Peter’s beauty sleep                      Priceless


Total calories = 2560    

Total Protein = around 180 – 200 grams of protein

No Meat - No Problem
No Meat – No Problem
Staying Fit Through Good Friday
Staying Fit Through Good Friday

Written by PeterFever


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  1. wah good plan for the day Friday but on Friday my life if I only eat fruits because sometimes it makes me a vegetarian but it’s an interesting plan to be implemented

  2. Thank you, Peter! That is great advice for bunnies like me! 🙂 After so much deprivation, I bet an Easter Bear will knock on your door and satisfy your appetite for juicy meat. Xuan moi ve, Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh Peter, you practice/observe Good Friday too! BTW, you’re already MEAT for me…can’t wait for Easter Sunday so I can fantasize you again. mwah!

  4. Although I am fully aware of the fundamentals that are associated with Good Friday. However, since you can’t eat meat..I guess I will take my “MEAT” off of the offering table until another day…lol…lol…

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