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Pete Physique Eats Meat


PetePhysique Eats Meat
PetePhysique Eats Meat

I can’t believe that back in October 2009 I was a vegetarian.  It all started after watching the movie “Food Inc” while on vacation in Hawaii. The upside of being a vegetarian is that I saved a few cows. Also, I learned that I always need a balanced meal with the right amount of carbs, protein, and fat to help build muscle and live a healthier life style.

As the 2011 bodybuilding season begins, I’m doing the exact opposite of a vegetarian diet. Over the weekend, I tested my energy level and physique by strictly cutting all my carbs and limiting my water intake for 2 days. This two day bodybuilding diet that I tried made my body look tight, but I was weak as hell. Attached are some pics of me making myself a heavy protein diet. Can you say filet mignon?

PetePhysique Eats Meat
PetePhysique Eats Meat

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  1. ok, not vegan, but at least raw! 🙂
    what was it? fill-it-my…gnawn?
    tss, Viets and their pronunciation games… 😉
    ~ mình mong bị lây Fever nhong nhóng,
    vì Peter làm phì lấy mình nhòng! ~

  2. actually our teeth and digestive system are more related closer to vegetables eaters,that is why our digestive organs takes more time digesting meat than vegetables. A lot of asians are lactose intolerant =milk,thus they drink soya milk instead,but there are some side effects if drink too much.

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